Friday, February 26, 2016


Send help! Prom is April 30th but soon approaching. Already there is a Facebook page with all the palmetto girls posting pictures every 30 seconds. Posting pictures even if it isn't the dress they want. Claiming dresses before other girls do to make sure they don't show up with the same dress to prom. To our last senior event before graduation. Prom preparations start months before to make sure everything is perfect for that one Saturday evening. And then theres me who hates shopping online and can't seem to pick a dress she likes. Its hard enough picking one dress, or even finding one that catches your attention. And then falling in love with a dress thats almost 1,000 miles away and over five hundred dollars just on the dress. Imagine finding two that you love equally as much and deciding which prom to wear it too. Making appointments two months in advanced to make sure no one takes your slot and then your whole day is thrown off because of timing. Trust me it happened for homecoming. Not only does it come down to the dress but finding heels that stand out even though no one will see them under your dress. Lets not even get started on the after party dress. Next, trying to figure out bus situations and which friends you want to be with and trying to let your date be with his friends too. Oh my god lets not even get to promposals. Boys are clueless sometimes and do not ask oil the day before. The anxiety is real. send help.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016


As I have said over and over again time is ticking it's little heart away. And one of the most important things in my life is ticking away. Dance, I have been dancing since I was three years old. It's the only sport I have ever played. But its all coming to an end after my last dance show at palmetto. I hate to just stop dancing but it will be hard to balance my schedule with dance and college classes, especially since I would need to find a new studio in Tuscaloosa. Besides all those 15 years of dancing is catching up to me. I feel like an old lady and I'm on 17. Dancing is all I have ever known. From I could remember my excuse to not be able to hang out was "sorry I have dance" or "sorry I'm at dance", that excuse will no longer be valid. Its another bittersweet situation but I'm not going to completely give it up, that would be mentally impossible. With that being said I need and am going to make the most of the rest of senior year. Also, this last few moments on palmettos stage.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Flying By

Can someone let me know where all of our time has gone? Four months left until graduation and time is flying by. I can't seem to grasp it for a second and hold on. Paying for grad-bash, senior picnic, cap and gown, prom, and all the other senior events. Already seeing someone being asked to prom and I'm here trying to find a prom dress. Asking my parents for money every day for something new wether its for high school or for UA. Trying to hang out with all my friends every weekend but trying to send as much time possible with my parents. Knowing this is the last year I'll be waking up every day to them and seeing my dogs everyday. Spreading myself thin to not have any regrets of not spending enough time with the people I care most about. I know I say I hate palmetto every time I step into those hallways and find something broken or missing but truth is I love palmetto with its broken bathrooms and not having power for a whole day and being stuck there. Its where I have spent the past four years of my life meeting new people and spending more time with people I have known since pre-K.