Friday, March 11, 2016

Last Block Schedule

This has had to be the longest week of my life. Not only because its the week before spring break but palmetto decided to make us go on block schedule. Meaning for three days we have two periods a day each for three hours. Starting with Monday having periods one and four, which wasn't too bad only for the fact that I had Ap biology for three hours. I love Ms.Nelson but she gave us a mock Ap exam and believe me I was not prepared for that. Even though I didn't do as bad as I thought. Next she made us take a mock FRQ. That was a total mess and 100% sure I bombed that. Thankfully I had variations after that and just danced for three hours which it typical. Tuesday was periods two and five. Period two being Economics with Mr.G and English fifth period with Mr. Panton. But senior picnic was that day so we were in the gym until we went to the zoo then were stuck back in the gym afterwards. The last and final day of block was Wednesday the longest day of all. Starting with math with Mr. Karpiak then anatomy with Mrs. Evans. Let me tell you three hours of math made me want to cry afterwards it was hell. WOOO!

Thursday, March 3, 2016

New Roomies

College leads to adventures you never thought would come. One of them being finding a roommate to deal with your personality. Never would i have thought that finding a roommate would be this hard. Trying to explain yourself with a 200 max word count on a Facebook post, trying not to be weird or sound to cool for school. Then reading hundreds of post trying to find someone you just click with. To be honest it felt harder than trying to actually get into a university. Going back and forth over and over again with people you've never seen, meet, or heard of. Trying to not be mean when some random girl messages you asking to room together. But in the end you'll find your perfect roomies! As I did three days ago. Finally found three girls that want to live in the presidential village on campus with our own rooms and thank god our own bathrooms. All of us being from different states except for one who lives in West Palm. All liking the same things and wanting to decorate our lil apartment the same! And let me tell you I cannot wait to move in. But hopefully they're as cool as they seem and one of them isn't some crazy child.