Tuesday, April 5, 2016

final roommates

The search is officially over. Finally found my three roommates, and I couldn't be happier. We are all from different areas but Shay and I are both from South Florida. She's about an hour away. Next is Morgan she's from Pennsylvania  and we actually look like, which is kinda creepy. Lastly there's Shannon, she was the last one to join our dorm. Shay, Morgan, and I looked for three weeks for our last roomie. Basically had mini interviews for each girl that asked to join our suite. Trust me there's a couple weirdos here and there. But Shannon instintally clicked with us. The only thing is none of the girls are rushing so I'll be alone in our suite for a almost two weeks. Otherwise, none of us can't wait to meet and start decorating our lil suite. We already send each other room ideas 24/7 in our bama roomie  group chat. With all that being said can't wait to move August 3rd and join a sorority!

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