Thursday, May 19, 2016


The day I've been waiting for is finally here. After 12 years or wait after 13 years graduation is literally (@panton) around the corner. I couldn't be happier. The moment I walk across that stage hoping I don't fall down but I will be the happiest little 4'11 girl in the world. Finally out of Palmetto!! Goodbye to all the good and especially goodbye to all the terrible teachers or teacher that I had. Goodbye to the people that push in the hallways and poop in the bathrooms and not flush the toilet :) Thank you for pushing me in the hallway and saying "damn girl you short i didn see u". I will not miss you. Because I will be moving onto a new chapter in my life and even moving to a different state. To be honest, it is pretty nerve wrecking but im so ready for the move and to begin something that will benefit my future. I can't wait for game days, rush, dorm life, basically ready to be in college. I know I'll miss my parents and friends but I will meet people from all over the place and make new friends. My parents I can't really replace but I'll FaceTime them and come visit every chance they let me.

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  1. they see you in the hall, maybe they are just to tall. Forget them though, you are amazing.