Monday, May 16, 2016

Housing for Fall

Next fall I will be living in Parham female residence. Not only is it the dorm I didn't want to live in but it is not co-ed, I have to share my room, there are bunk beds, and we have to get another roommate. All because one of my roommates picked the wrong dorm. We aren't allowed to take our bunk beds apart and the rooms are pretty small. No room for activities. One of the only positive things is that its right next to the stadium. So for game days we can just walk to the games and not worry about rides etc… Also, the dorm is about five minutes from sorority row. Which actually is the part best of the dorm. But we no longer have a kitchen so us four girls have to figure out how were gonna cook and be healthy. We all do not want to gain the freshmen 15. Hopefully we don't. On another note we are getting another roommate which we can't tell if it will be a good or bad thing. We are all already know each other and have gotten to know what we like and don't like so having another person tag along in our squad will probably suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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